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Church Day
Observed by...
1 JanuaryWednesdayThe Solemnity of MaryCatholic
1 JanuaryWednesdayThe Festival of The Naming and Circumcision of JesusProtestant
1 JanuaryWednesdayFeast of Saint Basil the GreatEastern
6 JanuaryMondayEpiphanyWestern
7 January - 4 MarchTuesday3. Western Church Season ORDINARY TIMEWestern
7 JanuaryTuesdayChristmas DayEastern
7 JanuaryTuesdaySynaxis of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist, JohnEastern
12 JanuarySundayAelred of HexhamProtestant
13 JanuaryMondaySaint Hilary, Bishop of PoitiersWestern
17 JanuaryFridaySaint AnthonyWestern, Eastern
19 JanuarySundayTheophany (Epiphany)Eastern
19 JanuarySundaySaint WulfstanProtestant
21 JanuaryTuesdaySaint AgnesWestern
22 JanuaryWednesdaySaint TimothyEastern
25 JanuarySaturdayFestival of The Conversion of PaulProtestant
26 JanuarySundaySaint TimothyWestern
30 JanuaryThursdayThe Three Holy Hierarchs: Saint Basil the Great, Saint Gregory the Theologian, and Saint John ChrysostomEastern
2 FebruarySundayCandlemas/Presentation of Jesus at the TempleWestern
2 FebruarySundayThe Meeting of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ in the TempleEastern
2 FebruarySundayZacchaeus SundayEastern - Slavic Tradition
14 FebruaryFridayFeast of Saint ValentineWestern
1 MarchSaturdaySolemnity of Saint David of Wales (Wales)Catholic (Wales)
3 March - 11 April40 Days (Incl. Sundays)Eastern Church SeasonOrthodox GREAT LENTEastern
5 MarchWednesdayAsh WednesdayWestern
5 March - 19 April40 Days (46 incl Sundays) 4. Western Church Season LENTWestern
17 MarchMondaySaint Patrick's DayWestern
19 MarchWednesdayFestival of Joseph of NazarethAnglican
19 MarchWednesdaySolemnity of Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin MaryCatholic
19 MarchWednesdaySolemnity of Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of CanadaCatholic (Canada)
25 MarchTuesdayFeast of The Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin MaryProtestant
25 MarchTuesdaySolemnity of the Annunciation of the LordCatholic
12 AprilSaturdayLazarus SaturdayEastern
13 AprilSundayPalm SundayWestern
13 AprilSundayPalm SundayEastern
14 April - 19 April6 DaysEastern - HOLY WEEKEastern
17 April ThursdayHoly ThursdayEastern
17 AprilThursdayMaundy ThursdayWestern
18 April - 8 June50 Days5. Western Church Season EASTERWestern
18 AprilFridayHoly FridayEastern
18 AprilFridayGood FridayWestern
19 AprilSaturdayHoly SaturdayEastern
19 AprilSaturdayHoly SaturdayCatholic
20 AprilSundayPaschaEastern
20 AprilSundayEaster SundayWestern
23 AprilWednesday Festival of George, Martyr, Patron of EnglandProtestant
23 AprilWednesdaySolemnity of Saint George (England)Catholic (England)
25 AprilFridayFestival of Mark the EvangelistWestern
27 April SundayDivine Mercy SundayCatholic
1 MayThursdayFestival of Philip and James, ApostlesProtestant
3 MaySaturdayFeasts of Philip and James, ApostlesCatholic
8 MayThursdaySaint John's Day (The Evangelist)Eastern
8 MayThursdaySolemnity of Our Lady of Luján (Argentina)Catholic (Argentina)
14 MayWednesdayFestival of Matthias the ApostleProtestant
14 MayWednesdayFeast of Matthias the ApostleCatholic
14 MayWednesdayMidfeast of PentecostEastern
24 MaySaturdaySolemnity of Our Lady, Help of Christians (Australia)Catholic (Australia)
29 MayThursdayAscension DayCatholic (Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Omaha (the state of Nebraska))
29 MayThursdayAscension DayWestern
29 MayThursdayAscension DayEastern
30 MayFridayJoan of ArcWestern
31 MaySaturdayFestival of the Visit of the Blessed Virgin to ElizabethWestern
1 JuneSundayAscension DayCatholic (USA)
8 JuneSundayPentecostWestern
9 JuneMondayWhit MondayEastern
9 JuneSundayWhit Monday/Monday of the Holy SpiritWestern
9 June - 29 November6. Western Church Season ORDINARY TIMEWestern
11 JuneWednesdayFestival of Barnabas the ApostleWestern
15 JuneSundayTrinity SundayCatholic
19 JuneThursdayFeast of Corpus ChristiCatholic
23 JuneMondaySaint John's Eve Western, Eastern
24 JuneTuesdayFestival of the Birth of John the BaptistProtestant
24 JuneTuesdaySolemnity of the Birth of John the BaptistCatholic
29 JuneSundayFestival of Saints Peter and PaulProtestant
29 JuneSundaySolemnity of Saints Peter and PaulCatholic
3 JulyThursdayFestival of Thomas the ApostleWestern
5 JulySaturdaySolemnity of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Slavic Missionaries (Slovakia)Catholic (Slovakia)
16 JulyWednesdaySolemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mother and Queen of ChileCatholic (Chile)
22 JulyTuesdayFestival of Mary MagdaleneWestern
25 JulyFridayFestival of James the ApostleWestern
25 JulyFridaySolemnity of Saint James, Patron of Spain (Spain)Catholic (Spain)
6 AugustWednesdayFestival of The Transfiguration of our LordProtestant
6 AugustWednesdayFeast of The Transfiguration of our LordCatholic
6 AugustWednesdayThe Transfiguration of ChristEastern
15 AugustFridayAssumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryProtestant
15 AugustFridayAssumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryCatholic
15 AugustFridayAssumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryEastern
24 AugustSundayFestival of Bartholomew the ApostleProtestant
24 AugustSundayFeast of Bartholomew the ApostleCatholic
8 SeptemberMondayFeast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin MaryCatholic
14 SeptemberSundayFestival of Holy Cross DayProtestant
14 SeptemberSundayFeast of the Triumph of the Holy CrossCatholic
15 SeptemberMondaySolemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patroness of Slovakia (Slovakia)Catholic (Slovakia)
21 SeptemberSundayFestival of Matthew, Apostle and EvangelistProtestant
21 SeptemberSundayFeast of Matthew the EvangelistCatholic
29 SeptemberMondayFestival of Michael and All AngelsProtestant
4 OctoberSaturdayFeast of Saint Francis of AssisiCatholic
4 OctoberSaturdayFestival of Saint Francis of AssisiProtestant
12 OctoberSundaySolemnity of Our Lady of AparacidaCatholic (Brazil)
18 OctoberSaturdayFestival of Luke the EvangelistProtestant
18 OctoberSaturdayFeast of Luke the EvangelistCatholic
28 OctoberTuesdayFeast of Saint Simon and Saint Jude, ApostlesCatholic
28 OctoberTuesdayFestival of Simon and Jude, ApostlesProtestant
1 NovemberSaturdayAll Saints' DayProtestant
1 NovemberSaturdayAll Saints' DayCatholic
2 NovemberSundayAll Souls'Western
15 November - 24 December40 Days Eastern Church Season NATIVITY FASTEastern
17 NovemberMondaySaint Hilda’s DayProtestant
19 NovemberWednesdaySolemnity of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence, Patroness of Puerto RicoCatholic (Puerto Rico)
30 NovemberSundaySaint Andrew's DayWestern, Eastern
30 NovemberSundaySaint Andrew's DayCatholic
30 NovemberSundaySaint Andrew's DayCatholic (Scotland)
30 November - 24 December25 Days1. Western Church Season ADVENTWestern
6 DecemberSaturdaySaint NicholasWestern, Eastern
8 DecemberMondayConception of the Blessed Virgin MaryProtestant
8 DecemberMondayImmaculate ConceptionCatholic
25 December - 5 JanuaryThursday2. Western Church Season CHRISTMASWestern
25 DecemberThursdayChristmas DayWestern

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Predominantly, there are three calendars in use in the greater church today.

  1. Julian Calendar (‘Old Calendar’)
  2. Revised Julian Calendar (‘New Calendar’)
  3. Gregorian Calendar

NB: refers only to the Gregorian (modern western) calendar unless stated otherwise.


These definitions, in alphabetical order, relate specifically to this website, not categorically to churches in general.

  1. Catholic – specifically the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Eastern - generally, most eastern churches; most Eastern Orthodox Churches; not all.
  3. Protestant - most churches that are not Roman Catholic. Dates are taken from Anglican calendars but other denominations are being researched as the calendars grow.
  4. Western - Generally Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches, but not usually those included in ‘Eastern’.

Disclaimer of Calendars:

Church Days dates, and information about Church Days, vary between denominations, variants of denominations, geographic regions, and even between individual churches within a locality. Before planning any event or recognition of a Church Day, check with your own church as to the local calendar and schedule. No responsibility is taken for any circumstance relating to scheduling around calendars.


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